Sunday, July 28, 2013

Here Are Five Good Reasons Why You Should Read My Blog!

So.  Welcome to my blog.  Me, writing a blog?  Something about that just doesn’t sound right.  

But, the whole idea behind my blog is to give you, the reader (if indeed I end up having any readers…) five good reasons why…

So how better to get acquainted than for me to give you five good reasons why you should read my blog.

1. I’m Funny…sort of…

Seriously, I am.  My husband, Mike, who you will no doubt hear more about in the coming weeks, months and years, once said I was the funniest person he’d ever met.  That meant more to me than if he had compared me to Brigitte Bardot.  If I was a little less shy, I might have tried my hand at standup comedy.  Who wouldn’t love a funny blogger?

2. I’m an Experienced Writer…sort of…

I was an English major in school (which of course is why I now work in…insurance?).  I’ve written my share of embarrassingly bad poetry. In my late teens and early twenties, I started and stopped a dozen novels.  

Around the same time, I somehow managed to get a gig as a “stringer” with the old Boston Herald Traveler, writing album reviews.  That was nice.  Free records!  (Oh, no, no money.  But – did I mention, free records!)  

Then I sort of forgot about writing.  Well, not exactly “forgot,” more like set it aside.  That certainly didn’t stop me from indiscriminately correcting the grammar of friends and coworkers, or wincing when I saw a typo in the paper.  But my writing was limited to incredibly well phrased proposal letters for work, and, later, when I became somewhat computer literate, truly impressive rants on various message boards.  

3. I’m Running Out of Clever Status Updates and Restaurant Reviews...sort of...

The last few years, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor and other online social media sites have provided something of an outlet for the frustrated writer who lurks inside my head.  But there’s only so much you can do with those status updates.  Yes, I am a college educated white woman who voted for Obama.  Okay.  Let’s move on.

Facebook posts and Yelp reviews just don’t seem to be enough anymore.  I blame my husband.  Here is a man – a wonderful, sweet, smart, funny man – who has me proofread anything and everything he writes.  He can’t spell to save his life.  And last year, he started writing – you guessed it – a blog!  And he has become something of a mini-celeb in the online gluten-free universe (follow him on Twitter @glutenfreenme).

4. My Blog Will Be Eclectic...sort of...

While I knew I wanted to write about something, the problem was, what?  I went through a list a mile long.  A biography?  Zzzzz.  A novel?  Oh God, no, anything but that.  A blog?  Well…okay, maybe…but, a blog about what?  Movies?  I hardly ever go.  Television?  I don’t think so.  Food?  Well, I do cook, and I do eat out a lot, but I’m pretty far from a gourmet.  I can’t even copy my husband, since I eat gluten as if it’s my last day on earth.

Music?  Well, maybe.  I am certainly opinionated about that subject.  Ask any of my friends, who are so tired of me trying to turn them on to a bunch of completely unknown musicians whose bands all broke up before 1999, it’s no longer even remotely amusing (and yet, still I persevere).  

Then, one recent afternoon, something came to me.  What about a blog based on the idea of “Here Are The Top Five Reasons Why….”?    That way, I’m sure to be able to blather on incessantly about my favorite musicians, because music is a natural for that sort of format.  But I can also write about a lot of other stuff too, which I want to do.  I already have ideas for several blogs, including one about my better half, one about my favorite novel, and another about the joys of riding the subway.

5. I’m Asking You Nicely...sort of...

Hey, I could be aggressive about this.  I could tell you that you MUST read my blog, in order for your life to be complete.  Or, I could play on your emotions, explaining that reading my blog would help me to become more self-confident, more self-assured, give me a more positive self image…I could even assault your senses, prettying up the blog with all sorts of fancy images and things.  You know, if I had any idea how to even do that.

But that’s not my style.  My “style,” so to speak, is to just tell you that I really think it’s going to be a pretty entertaining blog.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here.  I need to get that all-important “First Blog” out of the way before I start planning my 100th.

As someone who tends to become easily obsessed – with an idea, a person, a song, a food, you name it, I can become obsessed with it – it’s only natural that my very first blog entry be about my current all-consuming obsession, and the man I consider to be the most talented and intelligent songwriter who ever lived.  (Is that my long-suffering spouse and friends I hear screaming?)

So I hope you find my blog entertaining, and I hope you enjoy “Here Are Five Good Reasons Why Scott Miller Belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”  

Stay with me.  I think we’ll have fun.


  1. Five reasons I'll read your blog:
    1. I've known you a long time.
    2. I don't really know you.
    3. I'd like to know you better.
    4. I knew Jack Kennedy and you're not Jack Kennedy.
    5. I don't know who Scott Miller is.

  2. Well, you'll be pleased to learn that your first blog entry kept me entertained on the train this morning, all the way from Luton to St Albans.
    Now, if you could perhaps use a few longer words in your next effort, it might keep me going all the way into London. Result! :)

    I see that your next blog is about Scott Miller. (sigh) ... now it means I'm going to have to listen to some of his music. Damn you!

    1. Oh Annie Anonymous. You will soon be transported to musical Heaven! You're welcome!

  3. I can't wait for the "Five Good Reasons Why You Should Work in Insurance" entry.....

  4. Okay, okay, long time friend .... I'll immerse myself in Scott Miller. Am interested in that issue about the singing voice (and you pretty much know why). I'm just glad you're writing, as you're one of the only people I know personally whose writing doesn't make me cringe (and you pretty much know why about THAT, as well, thanks to similar backgrounds and education). I'll write back about my reactions to Scott Miller, may he RiP.

  5. Thanks for the kind words, very much appreciated! Looking forward to your thoughts on Mr. Miller.